Limited Lifetime Warranties are non-transferable.

Five (5) Year Commercial Warranty

A five (5) year warranty will apply to all above referenced products for commercial use to be free from manufacturing defects. “Defects” is defined as imperfections that impair the original function of the product.
Our furniture is guaranteed not to fade, discolour or chalk for a period of 5 years under “normal” use… the best in the industry! Colour change due to weathering that is even and equal when exposed to the same or similar sunlight and other environmental conditions is excluded from the warranty because weathering will cause any coloured surface to gradually lighten, darken, or accumulate dirt or stains (the severity of these conditions depends on air quality, the geographic location of the property, and other local conditions over which Ovation Commericial Services has no control).

General Warranty Conditions

Ovation Commericial Services shall not be liable for any failure, defect or damage resulting from or connected with the following:
Assembly or handling of products after they leave our factory, including any lack of performance or improper performance in any way by the dealer or assembler.

The application of paint, varnish or other coating or chemical not approved by Ovation Commercial Services or the application of heat or radiation from an external source such as a barbecue grill, another appliance, fire or refection from windows or doors.
Any lack of compatibility between our products and any other product not manufactured by us that causes damage to or failure of our products.
Colour or pattern variance between any new replacement section or pieces and other sections or pieces. (We reserve the right to discontinue or modify any product line or colour without notifying the original purchaser. If the original product is not available, we retain the right to choose to provide replacement material of equal value or quality).
Damage caused by acts of God, accident, neglect or abuse. Ovation Commericial Services does not recommend the use of pressure washers. Please refer to our Product Care and Maintenance Instructions.
Fasteners used to assemble our furniture are virtually maintenance free under normal conditions. We use only the highest quality 316 stainless steel to assemble our furniture.
Assembly of hardware, accessory items or defects caused by their assembly.

The original purchaser is responsible for providing proof of purchase and photos of the defect. Possible solutions are replacement or repair of the defective furniture, replacement or repair of defective component, or authorization repairs by a third party.
Once the documentation has been received and evaluated, the customer will be notified of the solution. If the product is not returned within 60 days of date of purchase, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges that may apply.
Full terms and conditions available on request.